toward the end of the third month and which tend to occur later

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it. Another patient may give evidence of slight disease at

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fever-infected towns. J fcicJ., 370-372. . Synopsisof the

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I learn that Mrs. G. has had pains in the small joints, with atrophy of mus-

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as ihey had been overcrowded during the winter of 1858. From

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ing hospitals as having a higher percentage of vancomycin-

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lumen of the canal is almost closed by the distention of the epithelial

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dilutions as high as 1 to 2,000. This inhibition in high dilutions is in

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swelling extended upwards, and soon involved the whole of the thigh.

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principal diseases are mentioned with their special diagnostic

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Methylene blue stains the rods fairly well, and after staining with

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urethritis or trigonitis from poor technique by the nurse or doctor in

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. The animal temperature presents three variations from the nor-

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muscles, the disease is probably cerebral thrombosis. But

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face, at first sight resembles erysipelas ; but the disease, instead of gradually

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cific as regards the antibodies which bring them into existence, irre-

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of aconite can be added to two-thirds of a tumbler of water, one tea-

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tion of Mediterranean fever among the Maltese, wdio drink raw^ milk

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remedies by attendants, unless from greait rorgetfulness or carelessness.

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scribing the season, and describing pretty accurately the several

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ed at Leyden and republished in 1 81 2, in the Trans-

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from that treatment you are too well informed to make it

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complicated further by those of abscess of the temporo-sphenoidal lobe.

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occurred suddenly four yeare ago. and ha<l continued

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fusion and inadequate treatment of the subject. Taking the