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to be dissected away through a skin incision carried beneath the chin.
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bandlets stained a blackish violet, and by the microscope they ap-
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ing to the ground and sprouting. Previous work at the Alabama
cylate should be administered, as it frequently limits suppuration and
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companies. In addition to Mr. Thompson's current responsibilities, he serves as chief investment advisor
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gases, fumes, and vapors. Sommerfeld, in the table shown below,
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there was no fever, and the pulse was quite quiet; it was necessary to rouse the
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against the poison the bacilli seem to take longer in dis-
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from framboesia lesions— after the superficial strata have been re-
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was original and great, not through those qualities which he had in
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before cleaning fluid is used. If the rubber sticks to the glass it may
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The address of the President will take place this evening
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9. Queirolo, G. 1!. : Clinica medicadi, 1896, ii., 224-227.
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a vermiform appendage, and this appendage in the chimpanzee-
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disease was also unusually slow, since the animal did not become prostrate
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shapen noses, and poor hearing. Adenoid tissue in the adult is easily
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with sutures, but a large transverse opening into the
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Society was to be represented officially at this meeting by
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above the seat of the disease, since it is essential to success that all the diseased
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lesion implicate fat outside of the abdominal cavity.
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Anatomical Characters. — This disease has no known special anato-
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made with a thick buckskin tongue, to prevent injurious pressure of
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4. Some Complications Resulting from Rectal Operations.
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proportion of 2-93 to 1. It is not, therefore, altogether certain that
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To hold splints in place, especially in the upper extremity, it is
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length; triangular liead; thick jaw. But one recorded fatality. (Howard A. KeUy. Jol\ns
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severe cases it is extremely liable to pass into coma and
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Friday, Jaitunry 3d: Practitioners' Society of New York;
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pyama persisted for seven months. The aspiration was con-
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comparison between the results of operations in Cottage and
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rate of mortality, the death-rate of Liverpool reaching the extraordinary
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predominate, is determined by the character of the diet.