with his forefinger and by occasional snips with the scissors, he frees the tongue as
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in a lotion (Ijt Hydrarg. bichlor., gr. v.-xx. ; spts. vini rectif., 5 iv. ;
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I The stitching of the stomach to the diaphragm, as
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seem to open a wide field for investigation in regard to this subject.]
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which the bacilli do not disappear and lead to chronic bronchitis or
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uterus, and is invariably acute. The infection extends by continuity
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patient returned home apparently perfectly well within six weeks,
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excised, but tliere did not seem to be much chance of sutures holding. The
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than any you have just accomplished. You cannot possibly
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ed, and carefully smeared along the precise margin of the eye-
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chotic and the potentially psychotic, have been weeded
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^-^'^^^^^ J- Xv-Z-LN • Desiccated Blood, prepared by Dr. Craven, in tin packages, under an
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the second vaccine was prepared from about the eightieth genera-
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the occurrence of paroxysms presenting the characters of well-marked
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present condition of health of the army and country, of which I have kept my
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are rarely prolonged more than four or five days. The temperature
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Denhard, of New York, says : " I have seen some good re-
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fect. He gave with it good food, one or two grains of
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(E. M.) On the question of the identity of sirelJtococcus
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ducing excitation and emission of pseudopodia, stronger
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life and it is never met with as an isolated lesion. It is invariably
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Therapeutical Value of the Sulphites. — In a valuable paper
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whole plant has a bitter taste, which is strongest in the root and
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ment in 24 hours being 1.250 inches on the 27th. The total dura-
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the two fevers in other countries. Their characteristic phenomena are found
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taught on a new and easy plan : being a treatise on all the
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Markham's account it appears that the detention of such
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sponds to the disease which French authors have, since the time of
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adhesions in its neighbourhood. "We have employed this method of
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is rather talkative, and expresses strong hopes of recovery. R.
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These exist when the external hemorrhage has been severe and
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glands responsive to the stimulus, aids in dissolving and disseminat-
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vital capacity varied from 390 down to 340, and the mean
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death-rates, which occupies about one-half of the vokime, there are
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