the angle of the mouth being encroached upon. Where there is less

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than that of Leiter, which allows of regulating the strength of the

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ment, hydriatic, massage, or electrical, must depend upon

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intestines, for the double purpose of keeping them from

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ing a typical quartan temperature-chart, for in these cases flagellat-

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lungs and the large glands. This spinal congestion is usually

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Reid, L. Sellyei, V. Stravino, J. Sube, R. Thompson,

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Gatewood, Mary Christine, w, sp, McConnelsville, Ohio. A.B. (Ohio State U.) '28.

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the right sciatic nerve as having produced a reaction in

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due to the same cause. The sporadic cases occur either independently

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that is present in that organ. This is easily proved by killing an

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the American Medical AssociATioif, Henry P. Bowditch,

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A certain amount of experimental work in conditions

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laborators are well selected; each article is up-to-date, and it contains

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it ll i.s 'liUiciiIt to dr'termiiie whether the " missing" became miss-

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whether this is a real or false reduplication, or whether due to intra-cardiac

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this had long since been shown by Peaslee and others. Acute

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cusses in detail the results of experiments with the X-ray upcm mice,

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these animals have shown a reduction in the elimination of phenol-

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Chulguine recommends soaking the sore with a solution of methylene blue

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He came back a few months later, and the same treatment again

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the testicle was only a useless encumbrance he had determined

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On one occasion, following diarrhea, the quantity of urine fell to 38

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order to rid themselves from time to time of their comedones, I em-

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free end of the glass strip was inserted into this incision and pushed

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Risk of Gl Ulcerations, Bleeding, and Perforation with NSAID Therapy). Although the effect on platelet

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colorimetrically by comparing the color of the resultant solution, after

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