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may impair ability to engage in potentially hazardous activities
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The symptomatology of lateral curvature of the spine requires
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the higher centres. They are also found in conjunction
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Lond., 1887, i, 9-11.— Boe (0. W.) The eflicacy of cold-
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Jewish chaplain was able to see all the patients of the Jewish faith.
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And the physician ? Ilis practice is the application of
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which, if verified, are hard to understand ; they may depend upon causes
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traction. Murphy calls particular attention to this
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of limg affected are in immediate proximity to tuberculous i)roducts or
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number of illustrations. The same is true of the Manual of
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b. In the event that one hospitalization unit must act and set
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as an occasional cause of Bright's disease. Gout is
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Boston, presented an interesting statistical paper on
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office, while I prepared to accompany them. In about
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Sycosis Coccogenica. — ^This is fairly common in both Europeans
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that union by the first intention is more sure to follow than in any case
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and are worth recording, as showing an early recogni-
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a rule, occur in those of a more mature age. In this series this
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telligible that even a considerable amount of deposit may exist with-
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subduing symptoms and shortening the duration of disease through-
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(e) Ulcers of the Larynx, Trachea, or Bronchi. — ^Rarely, ulcers in adjacent
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been done in the first instance in all cases of strangu-
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gencies. In the typhoid state of a patient who is accustomed to
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by the secretary of the regents and countersigned by tih^P'
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a carbolic solution. After the silk is in position I
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95 per cent, alcohol in the operating room, they may be immedi-
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