theoretically illogical. Treatment by mouth should offer more
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He served his internship at Charles T. Miller Hospi-
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tions, for active, open and aggressive participation
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" Once more, and for the last time, we find him a complainant at the
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Bait in — cites the case of a male of 20 years of age, injured by a stone wall
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Cough is nearly always present, and is often very persistent. It may
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there are no national or local associations devoted to this spe-
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beside a large number of cases presenting dangerous
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careful to prevent vomiting after abdominal incision. This may be done by
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stenoses and dilatations can be diagnosed by the in-
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treatment, suspend evervthing until this dangerous complication has com-
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bodies, more like cocci than bacilli. Sometimes they appear as rods
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knowledge that this offence was being committed; and in one
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the liquor sanguinis, invade fresh red-blood corpuscles, and repeat the
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years to acquiring his branch, and spends much money
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Had Brown been content to put forth the hypothesis which bears
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not appear to have the slightest foundation. To urge such an
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must reach the nose of the horse by their presence in the food or
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one of the foremost of English physicists ; but he thinks
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60% had some sort of ffervous malady, while out of 1,000 who
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action of the salt water and cold and exposure. These
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shij) in tli(*s<» schools. The general public fails to distinguish
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are the important factors in the production of the special symptom-
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state of the patient's health. His pulse was quick and
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oppression, epigastric uneasiness, and nausea, the attack following
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flexic with otherwise nonfocal findings on a neurologic ex-
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The report of the Education Committee of the Council were
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