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picking motion. Tongue is with difficulty protruded, is dry,
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ence of false membranes, lining the pleura and hanging in cobweb
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cated by the analyst or officer making,' such examination, under the oath of such
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mitted into St. Bartholomew's Hospital, and from whom the surprising quantity
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syntheses in which the carboxyl group of one becomes united with the
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of its old time popularity. The mechanical execution
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disease, as prolonged anaemia, dyspepsia, alcoholism, scrofula,
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brane, but no reference to the reflex phenomena which the researches
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academicians, whose professional life is more struc-
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even when it appears at the height of the exanthem, colors the whole
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more rapid in its action. It is dangerous to administer chloral
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even these slight excursions of temperature, trust-
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ate, and of course as missible in water, provided the heavy carbonate
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Case II. — Samuel B., aged twenty-six years. Examined March 21, 1885.
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during school life from the unhygienic conditions to which
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It js important to keep the patient constantly busy doing
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in the stomach of a young girl, who succumbed during the third week of
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angle by the fresenum, or between the glans and the foreskin. It
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the brain which is probably most intimately associated with psychical
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l)eatica ni^dica, o o iiia para la aplicacion de los
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formations of other albuminoids into uric acid instead of
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scorbutic vegetables is the potato. It is most efficient when eaten raw.
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was I should think a cartilaginous outgrowth from the
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water, and rolled rather tightly around the bulbous finger ; even
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the radial nerve comes to the front, was followed Sfjme-
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C.-r. 1884, Copenh., 1j86, i, sect, de path. g6n. [etc.], 96-
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ing details as to the surgical treatment pursued in the
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in the dejecta of persons suffering from dysentery, and in two fatal
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the Franco-Prussian war." Koch's work was rigidly scientific —
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of tiieir being more healthy, have an advantage in tiiis, that they bring forth less
jected, we are informed, was afterwards accepted for the
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It would not be inaccurate to say that, however great may be the
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cold water or ice- water, or else lemon-juice. A solu-
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to differentiate the condition from others with which it might
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espocMHlly by our pDstority. Hut Ibo linio will Huroly coino, if
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Many regard the so-called " myogenic theory" of the cardiac activity as an
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iliac should be tied. — Xew York Medical Journal.
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