been used also with fair results, but necessarily causes considerable

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whose chief article of furniture society is indebted to a doc-

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surface not unlike those of lichen planus. They may also occur in

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saltatory spasms, and laryngeal noises such as bellowings, barkings, or

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The pain is cramp-like in character and extends up the limbs, in the course

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illness as bad typhoid fever, severe attacks of sea-sickness, and so

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accepted it fully ; others, again, recognise the existence of such an erup-

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have no indication of their immediate cause. Unlike angio-neurotic

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dones, producing small pustules which, if not exclusively, are chiefly

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indefinite time, preserving a somewhat uniform level of severity ; which

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by such remedies as quinine and arsenic. I have met with acute mania

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colour, and marked with faint arborescent vessels. Their principal import-

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is perhaps more effective ; it may be pressed even to -^5- of a grain,

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are more likely to suffer from seborrhcea, and especially from acne ; but

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collis. The pectoralis major is especially prominent on both sides. The

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He is apparently without any memory, and on recovery will not have

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bullae ; and, if too large a surface be exposed to its action, it may give

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a very painful local inflammation with the formation of vesicles or

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thenia is indeed often the product of stresses upon the functions of the

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from time to time we observed injured persons to whom compensation

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which are not oily, and invariably contain " hooklets," will prove their

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b. Close the door when the steam flows freely from the auto-

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observation that in hysterical paraplegia the plantar reflexes are often

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procure relief the patches had been actually gouged out of the flesh

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them. He relates that the doctor sent him into the woods

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the letters patent. It would have been strange had the sov-

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rmtrition, (b) from interference with nervous supply, general or local.

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as an adenoma of sweat-glands (adenoma vel acanthoma adenoides

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or pityriasis versicolor ; nor even as P. rosea. Its symmetrical extension

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the changes in the mouth bears no proportion to the general intensity of

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offensive. In some cases marked gastric disorder is present, the face may

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who had one and all diagnosed "neurasthenia." On a course of treatment for

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In such cases a 50 percent suspension may be obtained

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the first quarter of this century, and has never been without numerous

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body of man presents another, lower form of spirit — a vital