depended on interference with the Gasserian ganglion, but the
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favorably with the treatment we had prescribed for him.
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of aconite can be added to two-thirds of a tumbler of water, one tea-
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experiment on the lower animals, to be a good general anaes-
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ered by peritoneum, except on its anterior margin, which is at-
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no definite seat. The spine should be carefully inspected,
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thal's) is used. During the epidemic he recovered the Pfeitt'er bacillus
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with tile occiput |i<»sterior. In sucli cases tlKTeMii<;ht
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and animals with persistent pulmonary hypertension, in-
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been selecte<l. The parts were thoroughly cleansed by means
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been made out to support a grave accusation. The absence of
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rhea, profuse and uncontrollable night-sweats, leueor-
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ing, adhesions, etc., resulted, thus interfering with the intestinal
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into the pharynx and pushing the soft palate forwards. The swelling
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a series of experiments to determine whether in animals poisoned
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as an affection pf advanced life, allied to pinguecula. Like the latter,
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"Soft drinks" are not to be recommended, as they are often
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liver is suspected. At best the clinical history of
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been added to the average life of woman by Uie improve-
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was overwhelming, arrest the flow of serum and re-enforce the
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1870, 41-44, 1 pi.— murtlocIi-Camcron. On axi.><-trac-
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a case in which he removed the scrotum, which weighed fifty-five
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enforcement community, there has been a failure among
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The pupil is irregular, and a thin layer of lymph occupies it,
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bound down by absorbent cotton and collodion or adhesive
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masses, these will be recognized as shadows in the photogragh. Where
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• Levine M, Gent M. Hirsh J, Leclerc J. et al. A comparison of low-molecular-
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when the opening of the os internum was felt was not necessari-
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in 1849, in Ferrara (Italy), cattle were the subject of destructive
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in anywise curative. No doubt it is better that the
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