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suffused with a very bright red tint, which was diffused at
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100 of chlorid of barium, is diamagnetic and possesses a
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treated as due to a catarrhal congestion, which might often
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tory. The line of suture was protected by gauze pack-
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culated appearance, like delicate net-work. Sometimes it is
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' usual method of removal of the myxomatous variety by
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ana?sthesia can by itself cause delayed death from hepatic in-
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of the Committee of Council on Education, renders it compulsory upon
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No general law, therefore, can be deduced from these records;
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their destructive tendencies intensified, and their external manifestations rendered more
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Rayer still farther divided the aspects, making six forms — perhaps a rather
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persists, and there seems to be no functional disturbance of
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If in disarticulating the incudo-stapedial joint the
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identical, with the glenoid ligament itself), passes over the head of the humerus
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of the substance proper to the part ensues, and the structures composing
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the two poisons produced effects Avhich singularly resembled
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glands were greatly enlarged, and on section presented a pale yellow colour
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This well-kno-wn and accomplished Physician died last week
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castor oil. He speaks doubtingly of the usefulness of the saline cathar-
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After five or six seconds, say, " All right, now show me." After
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filtration through animal charcoal, fresh ether being added till the original
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which they suffer are occasionally rather curious. They feel their food
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"The Physician as a Source of Environmental Information"
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duct of an organ, formed by its action, and after the mode of its
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present The discovery of the bacillus was Unquestion-
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to the satisfaction of the members, that, at the annual meeting held on the very
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valuable a memoir deserves. He there describes no less than
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years ago will serve to illustrate the simple but effec-
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beardless, stammerers, sufferers from facial tic, gamblers, debauchees,
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the constitutional symptoms are marked emaciation, anaemia, cachexia,
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the waters of the great deep, and had discovered some wonderful things.
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to this rule, are those rare cases in which unassisted delivery