follows. It quite recently occurred at the Somersetshire Asylum,
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the loss of flesh is first observed by the nurse who dresses and undresses
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The Influence of Simultaneous Ligature of the External
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2. The first-aid dressing must be sufficiently compact
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referred to their similarity to the growths of epithelioma contagiosum
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rupture. This is an acute form of aneurism. Sometimes it
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t'» exist in many eases of Leucocythemia, with a similar degeneration in
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from the want of sufficient and correct information,"
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The lymphocytes resulting from this stimulation appeared to be
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external, the patient expectorated, a few days afterwards, in a paroxysm of
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nation, not as a substitute for our custom of arm-to-arm
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injections (grains iij. every other day), can be recommended. An
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and Christian (31) as resulting from digitalis intoxication in man.
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paralysis of the legs also. There is a striking analogy between the pro-
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five in the ventricle). Kearly all the patients offered important and
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the part played by the first factor, the contraction, which intervenes
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one of the foremost of English physicists ; but he thinks
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goats gall mingled with new oil, or with apples juice,* Art * v -
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tractions of the uterus, offer no indication, as it is now of minor
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had a diffuse pattern of CAD (two or more vessels in-
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been described. These have been ovaries and Fallopian
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females and 83 in males. It may happen at any age, the
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hould be temporarily removed froiu bedstead and win-
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corresponding with the side of the irritated nerves, which fact
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Murphy button. The ends of the bowel are then slipped over
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view of the limited and inadequate information at hand, no precise tabulation ,;
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ing in a great degree lessens the danger ; javs I had the advantage of a tolerably
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shut, absence of knee-jerk, and distinct impairment of sensation on the legs to
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lieporter. Another authority regards bismuth, in ten-
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hospital could do to the community by using our own
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for planting in Minnesota would not answer in Louisiana. There are, however,
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cent., the extreme upper limit of the normal, to 0.5 per cent,
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Bromide of Mercury is given in the same manner as calo-
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Case 7. — Mrs. J. I., aged 30, teacher, was admitted to the Presbyterian Hos-