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intervals and heat was applied to the extremities. In a

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Feb. 15th, containing a communication showing that the efforts

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discharges were likely to propagate the disorder. Into the

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editor. Under the " Medical News " there is set forth a brief

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But at the same time, after repeating, under various modifi-

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carbon-dioxide accumulation, or to the action of the nerve

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removed. As high as seven abscessed teeth were seen in a woman

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stupor. Miu-chison and others think that the plague of Athens, recorded by

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be worn to prevent the deformity progressing. Resection of a joint

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sacs (pleura, pericardium), or externally, the latter being the most favorable

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ment, says: "The fact that this fracture is not men-

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induced scrofula, where a well-regulated vegetable aliment has been

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readily conceive that excitement, strain or irritation

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walls, one after another, enables the surgeon gradually to

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recruit anesthesiologists on a contractual basis to provide clinical anesthesia

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in the event of the transfer being made early enough.

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umbilicus whenever the bladder contained a considerable

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would barely hint, that in the majority of those cases where anamiia or

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prospect of success,^' Mr. Bryant would hold his hand. The

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measures for preventing if possible such adhesion as occurred in the present

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course of the pulmonic circulation. " In fact, such cases are

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on the 20th of June, it was carried to the neighbouring island of Grozo and

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30. Aiieurism of Vertehral Artery. — The Gazeta de Lisboa relates a case of

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as evident as when the arm was bare; and oedema, which I could

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Of the second case, the cause of death is not given.

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means of Fehling's method, or of hydrochloric acid according to

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who visited the fall, thinking no doubt of Bryant's descrip-

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tolerated." A man who dared to advocate such principles must

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government. Pain, injury or any trouble is at once transmitted

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