minished, and the enlargement of the axillary glands was
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the district in which it is occurring. The explanation
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I learn that Mrs. G. has had pains in the small joints, with atrophy of mus-
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crural aperture, is, in his opinion, one reafon why women are
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under each by means of a needle and tied slowly but firmly.
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in this case was not empirical. The author thought out
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only hasten the recovery, but will often prevent any reinfection in
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(1) The pessary must be of the right size and must be inserted
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become very acute, and there may be lightning pains,
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in all these there was subserous or tubal suppuration also, and in
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^ ii. Of States of the living Body that may resemble
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perimental facts which have been so highly lauded and
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implication of the fifth on the side of lesion, or of the sixth, as in Mills'
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ual symptoms in genitourinary practice is emphasized ;
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come of it. I shall order the woman to bed until she
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id dry, the urine is scanty, with a heavy aratic deposit and
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of the gentlemen named, undertaken treatment by in-
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daughter of the late Bishop Loguen, and a relative of
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societies come to the rescue and vie with one another in the size of
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uremia and deficient functional activity of the kidneys naturally sug-
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about eleven hours. arid that they are essential to life: that the Wood of such
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the first case. She had been in the family of Jansen for a week,
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preserve just so much only as is essential to her purpose, and all
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to terminate, in surprising torrents, until the stomach appeared
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the ease that followed the evacuation being almost as sudden
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Guam." — Hypertrophy of the prostate is very rare.
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infra-spinatus (left) fossa parallel with the muscle fibres which
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approached, the reflex sensibility of the pharynx, base of the
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apparently desperate cases of variola rally and are won back to life.
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A symptom which may present some difficulty in inter-
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In considering the above it should be borne in mind that there are many
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character and course of disease intelligible, and that they have introduced all