Leeches close to the anus frequently aflbrd great relief,
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from time to time of mortal maladies, and we now learn from Upper Ca-
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levels of the spinal column, be confirmed, as it is by our own limited inves-
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A pinhead-sized papulo-pustule forms, which enlarges to the
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swollen. Under anesthesia it was thoroughly stretched, and sutures and antiseptic
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but irtho rcraaininn; portions are compiled— for every physiological work embracing the whole Bubjoct
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in the apex of the lungs, associated with cancer in other organs, or with
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generally occurs after a greater or less interval from the time of taking
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early as is consistent with the safety of the child. Certainly it
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ferent. They are visible and palpable, their only resem-
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fixed. Xo ligatures were applied until the tumor was removed, clamps
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creasing, and many serious students of this problem
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several years ; sooner or later tlie termination is inevitably' fataL
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acteristic of pernicious anemia. They are usually very scanty and require patient
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been secured without taking out the cervix and doing an extensive
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for observation have been considerable, both in hospital and private practice,
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ning, and then describes Bier's present procedure as follows: An elastic or
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and so to injure many things really good by their undiscerning
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work was for so long a time associated in the production of authoritative
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to death. But little or no effect was produced upon the cul-
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more or less gradually. An exception ought perhaps to be made for those
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interlacement of such bundles. The melanin granules, which in the stained
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cation all of her distressing symptoms left her and she
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of the superior laryngeal nerve produces relaxation of the diaphragm,
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result. At a quarter past three a fit again came on. I then
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In others, the round and oval patches of the small intestine exhibited a
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Vogt and his copiers have said of the action of Arsenic on the
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are rarely prolonged more than four or five days. The temperature
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islands of Oceanica, is almost exempt from malaria. The only places
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matter left in the eye, and thus renders iritis much more
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A case of myxfjedema with ectropion in a girl aged twelve
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Of the second case, the cause of death is not given.
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T. S.'Dabncy. N. Orl.'M. & S. J., 1897-8, 1, 210; 237 ; 247.