by M. Eichet, for reducing the dislocated head of the bone. In this accident
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may often be advantageously alternated with Nux-v. In obstinate cases,
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nonmetropolitan community: Redding, California. Arthritis Rheum
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ship ; and I think it would be wise for us to leave it to the Ontario and Dominion Medical
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an operation, with the light of present knowledge, would have
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end in deafness. In addition to the insomnia and disturbed dreams, quiet
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small ecchymoses. The process begins at the apices of the
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and function. As a rule, lacerations on the flexor surfaces require
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complain of dryness or a burning sensation in the throat. Actual sore throat
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lication of this work, the binder may be directed to
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decreasiDg the biparietal diameter. Prof. Simpson has some more argu-
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while the stream is still flowing. From eight to sixteen ounces is
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The result of the vote having been announced, considerable warmth of
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the portion of the tubules in the cortex. The amount of pigment found in the
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winter is thus smaller at those western places, the yearly and
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tion of about half an hour, the pupils became slightly dilated.
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Measures having reference to improvement of the general health and
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and certain of the other Medical members of the community.
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ty of the toxic action of tea. What these symptoms are, I
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variations in the durability and resistance of the mechanism
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before injecting, if anj' flexion of the uterus eiist<
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in Vienna in 1865 — congresses in which the chief
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cial differences. It may even extend so far that individ-
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Recently an apparently healthy, vigorous woman came
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But, as a matter of fact, none of these methods is absolutely accurate,
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have long contained your several works. By handing to you
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and that is to obtain a functionally useful limb, and this brings up
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;i':!:,i;:r,::-, •■--•f^^ -;:::;;;::;,;-:;;:x-:;r::
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was usually but little pain upon pressure. In all cases
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octogenarian were said to be achondroplasics. This would mean six cases
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especially prepared for infant feeding — derived from tuberculin-
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same position. At the expiration of six months the limb is placed in
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ether badly. After the iridectomy vitreous presented in
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drawn from a patient between the paroxysms is treated with a solution of
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peritonsillar abscesses, finds that no causative relation could