â– epidemic at present, and the mortality for the past week is
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had most rapidly lost flesh, the adipose and muscular tissues
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for years and are now approaching, perhaps, the fatal
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principles, and these principles should be based on
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general cases than last year, there were thirty-eight more
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or excessive action of the hesrt, if coexisting, would
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last ten years, and 1.5.5 below the average of the corresponding
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countries is almost legion, and hence in some particular
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patient was kept in a hot-air bath for the whole night.
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ited the age at which young girls could be employed in
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depressant, and this fact must be borne in mind when admin-
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accurate observation showed not only that the cord had not been ruptured by
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Constipation of the bowels is the first observable derange-
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France, made several important additions to our knowl-
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in most of the cases, the quickest fatal case being of one
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I wish to thank Dr. Ross for permission to study and report these cases,
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black portion of the large square at the right of the chart, which includes 100
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Plot Top Medicine Trunks, made of Russet Bridle Leather.
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effect a good deal in favor of our patient, by judicious efforts of this
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discharged cui^ed on August 27th. She was the elder of two, the other
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from a half sodden lung of a ram ; quickly it removes
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Thus in walking the patient has his eyes continually fixed on his feet, in
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states, a surgeon in the Mexican War in 1846-47. He was a man
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requires a constant supply of some one of the aromatic groups of
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parturition, owing to the pressure on the child's head ; an occurrence which
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and went to sleep at about 9 p.m. Urine was passed every two
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the medical journals, calling upon the general prac^