by the Freemasons of Staffordshire to John Burton, Esq.,

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multiple primary carcinomata in the same patient: (1)

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' Fowler: Arrested Pulmonary TuberculoslSi Loudon, 1892.

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painful tumor, dull or flat under percussion, and with this a

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muco-bilious pus. I then explored the right body of the gland,

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proximating to ap3'rexia, and sometimes the remission being slight. The

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cost of carrying out such a work, including all ex-

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minster, in the City of London, and at other places, more severely than

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the heart sounds were weaker and pulse not so distinct. The digitalis was

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still adhere to the bad practice of cutting off both ends of the liga-

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consequences of the intestinal obstruction show themselves,

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allowed to remain longer. Blind children and adulte, not

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The observer making his routine examination will probably dis-

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recover and its reaction to drugs ; nor is it often followed by

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the foot of page 27, which runs as follows ; ' The really important question is,

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can, in any case, with safety be preserved wound a dry dressing is to be preferred,

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la Societe de Mededne d Angers : — The patient, seven-

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as weabiess. Sometimes his muscles become contracted. His mental

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Besides causing great deformity the tumour may seriously press on the

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the sternum to the pubis, the upper portion becoming more central.

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temperature gradually sank during the next twenty-four

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the city, and especially affects those who have to do

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he disagrees in an otherwise acceptable article. That he

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For Pure and Wholesome Milk.— The Bulletin of the

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photographic efliects, an electric spark will affect the film

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changes, water is of course absolutely necessary, and is deposited with the

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head this often affects the edges of the hairy scalp most, causing the "frontal

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(a) Renal Type. The relation of chronic interstitial nephritis to

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tion of this is published in vol. Ix. of the Transactions, together

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developed. Numbers of these diverticulums were peiforated

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the art of diagnosing and treating fractures and luxa-

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The great majority of cases develop inside of three months. Moral

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filter, the solution of sulphate of soda with which they are impregnated,

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1,000 corrosive-sublimate) solution, and the ulcer itself is

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A cast of part of a right* tibia, showing a united fracture in the