these bodies upon the kidneys — does not appear justifiable.

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broad. Sporogony probably in the common bed bug, Acanthia

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lars which show old funeral customs in Scotland in a strange light.

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to get their defects corrected. An inspection of school children with no

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cific as regards the antibodies which bring them into existence, irre-

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image of the object by reflection. The principle was an adapta-

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These rates would be considered low in America, but the European

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of water and two ounces of white wine vinegar, but we

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the President suggested a complete revision of the Constitution

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in every member of a class of thirteen of a certain

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1900, this report was considered, and was adopted and

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examination could have detected it previous to that occurrence.

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HoAvever, like every other question of the kind which is based upon

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pelvic cellulitis from pelvic peritonitis and other intra-pelvic

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urethritis or trigonitis from poor technique by the nurse or doctor in

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Experiments <>n Absorption in l^n<l Course,

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beyond the anus. In children, straining at stool, the irritation

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Authorities — urged that it was positively advan-

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These pages contain some very timely advice on a most

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substances. The taste and odour are the same as in the Specimen No. 1.

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tes as well as in those of other lay-writers, something of value might be found by

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" Dr. H. P. C. Wilson says : " I have lost one patient from the use

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blood-vessels were healthy, but contained only pink serum.

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fluorescent measurement of quinidine. Hypokalemia is uncommon with

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