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ages. — Dr. E. E. Montgomery, of Philadelphia, read

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feet, his step is short and stilty, and he seems rigid and

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to the earth and thus favor the action of the vital forces; but if this be the case,

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Seventeenth Annual Meeting, Held at the Arlington Hotel,

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such extraordinary efficacy in cases of colic, I feel bound to say

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spreading up the Eustachian tube, may also be present.

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rates is the same for pregnant and nonpregnant patients.

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and the general state of the constitution remaining good.

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to proliferation of nuclei, punctate haemorrhages, and hyperplasia of glia

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influenza, provided we do not count as such every suspicious yellow-

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intra-cranial lesions during the last decade, there is much more

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come to this city to be treated at the Pasteur Institute*