other organs where the texture and location of the part
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exhibit only a partial desquamation. Others are observed where
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half an inch long, could be brought to a white heat and passed
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daily, for at least twenty months, without the slightest indication of any
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January l^th: The patient leaves the hospital and returns home. On examinatioo
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end of the oesophagus, which I think may be of interest in many ways.
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hemorrhage of the pancreas, the damaged area later being
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and instruments, the risks of examination are slight and
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have survived rupture of the heart for several hours. This seems to
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horses of all descriptions, and for asses, which in latter
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grape. In none of these are any components admitted except the
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to emphasize the importance to public health of the
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often short, and while in the former metastasis is hardly
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ulceration of the overlying skin, and discharge outward take place
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things about the case was the paresthesia or auesthoia which preceded
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nation of the blood, being that of grave malarial infection. At the
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entered the service, two years ago. The agreement, they
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WniTiNG, Robert, Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from
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give two teaspoonfuls of McMuun's elixir of opium. Enjoin strict rest,
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4. Mayer, Brussels Verh. d. Deutsch. Chir. Gesellch.,
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geons is to recognise the cases which should be immunised.
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it has reached the condition of stage d, it is probable that
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Sir Archibald Buchan-Hepburn — appointed by the Association
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insurance and were found to have a high blood pres-
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would still further facilitate this. At the commencement of treatment the
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has pointed out that, in addition to pulmonary gangrene properly so called,
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been seen), should the circulation through the capillaries of a part cease 1