sequent condition of the brain is usually that of porencephalia, and it
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icterus was present in only 6 out of 100 cases seen by him, though few
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ordinarily can be expected to serve as a protection by preventing
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flexors of the extremities are particularly sore and often firmly con-
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paralysis and apoplectic seizures. The dropsical li(|uid is chemically
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been given in detail elsewhere (vide p. 856). With the latter may be
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ures, or cold sponging and baths, are nearly always useful adjuncts in
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entire antero-lateral aspect of the chest ; pulsation at the back, however,
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or ovaries, the use of a pessary, or even menstruation or pregnancy ;
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to surgical operation, excised portions of the nerves sometimes were
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Adjuvants in the treatment of chlorosis that may be of use are arsenic,
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conjunct ivd' being often bile-stained; '\ntQTi?,e jaundice, however, is rare.
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of the affection. Coutts ^ dissents from this opinion.
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edies that are most efficacious for good. As a rule, however, sedative
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some of which may be briefly enumerated : (a) Acardia, absence of the
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signs that occasionally antedate an attack, and which may or may not
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are to be fulfilled in accordance Avith general principles, and the strength
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weakness may need such stimulants as digitalis, strophanthus, and the
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The reduction of the lumen of the vessel, owing to the thickening of
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observation, have proved to their own satisfaction the superi-
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vomit."" At this stage nervous symptoma usually manifest themselves
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sons at their homes who were too poor to pay for them. The workers
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and (2) chronic forms. In the former variety the narrowing or closure
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should be just sufficient to excite mild contraction.
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measles and scarlatina may also lead to narrowing of the mitral orifice,
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to carry constantly in a convenient pocket such agents as nitroglycerin
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Ktiology. — The disease is most frequently observed to be associated
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Definition. — Inflammation of the lining membrane of the heart.
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and chronic affections, such as syphilis, tuberculosis, and glanders.
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worth as almost specific at the commencement of an attack of acute
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served, mostly in Germany and France. The cyst may be as large as in
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times become thickened by inflammatory exudates in certain acute
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elevated, discrete, shiny spots (^herpetic pharyngitis — Mackenzie).
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No clinical diagnosis is today complete without due con-
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scapula dislocated, the shoulder ill-shapen and drooping, and the lower
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cereals. Its use for several hundred years has been observed to cause
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pathically prescribed remedy, as at present understood?" I went
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more often by years or even decades. Statements applicable to all cases
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and any attempt to assume an erect posture caused great pain. Has