range by a small opening, in examining the more per- j his head purposely; be^ides, af er once permitting a pa-
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zines. The primacy of heredity in the determination of
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to the value of this remedy as a prompt and safe hypnotic given in the
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nity, the nobles and the bourgeois, in any conflict which
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with this department. How does this work out? For example, a cer-
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It was my first beginning in the study of medicine. Fa-
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Arterio-sclerosis is, in short, an overgrowth of the connective
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entering the circulation, the entrance into the blood-current
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ognize that digitalis acts chiefly on the heart, but
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as engender such doubt, it devolves upon the State to remove it, and to establish
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tion, it is necessary to measure the crushing resistance of
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1 Deliquescent, absorbing moisture from the air, and becoming liquid
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puncture, giving issue to small black and hard coagula. Small ulcers
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Venels Methode. J. d. Erfiiid. [etc.], Gotha, 1795, iii,
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Resolved, That this Convention now proceed to the election of it«
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Operation : patient under chloroform, tumor laid open by en-
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that some persons, after having been pulled up by the pain three or four
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livered at the full time, sixty-seven prematurely ; sixteen had
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corporation, and shall be conducted in such manner as the members present direct. When so
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that of typhoid. 6. Tympanites is nearly always pres-
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seven, just in the same way as in the younger. The onset, too, was gradual.
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* See a Clinical Hiftory of Difeafes, part I. p. 6i.
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half an inch thick. Both boys had typical spots of favus
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existence of a decussation of the light fibres in the chiasma is proved by
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the contrary, we inject red blood, or that charged with oxygen and contain-
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difference between the second decade and the seventh is
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Upon carefully cleansing the canal with dry absorbent cotton,
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soldered, so as to return to its point of origin, where it
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jaundice, though it is much less constant, being present in about 50 per
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very large number of diarrlicual and malarial cases. It
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liroducing miscarriage, and Dr. Wylie dilated her os, and