Xow, what we propose as the question to be first considered
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of the lochia, I carried out an investigation on 64 consecutive cases at the
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held by Langhans, !Minor, Schlesinger, and Schultze.
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The important point, however, from our present standpoint
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hysterical and so nervous afterwards that she could not study
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ulcer, like any other morbid secretion, may irritate a mucous
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crisp; squeeze, strain out the Lard, and then add six ounces of Tar. To
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it was supiJorted by a most ingenious and romantic story, descriptive of their discovery
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fractive, and transparent ; those of B. coli communis are larger and cloudy (milky).
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delirium tremens, which developed on the day after the vaccine was
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of the head, matching as they do with the heads on the Parthenonic frieze
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slowly followed by suppuration of my left axillary glands.
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solid cedema of the connective tissues, and a great in-
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A Hit of Medical History and the Kentucky School of Medicine, 237
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bed-time as an enema. Should laudanum be found to answer, a
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throughout the course of twenty-four hours, is not the
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MM. Bouchard et Brissaud; Transactions of the Amer-
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was nevertheless quite normal. This case was interesting be-
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around the point at which the fang entered, was not due to the mere wounding of the vessels^
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original opening, which is now girt round with adhe-
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made for the ball, but the condition of the patient
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general action be taken which shall be pursued more or
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appearance of the mold. Cheeses will lose probably about 3 to 6 per cent
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these bacteria were attenuated by storing the vaccine in glycerine, but
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based solely upon exact data, will be beyond our power and it
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we can determine the total and the diffusible alkali separately. (See p. 739.) In
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violence. The treatment proper for this kind of injury is the
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M.R.C.S.E. Translated from the French. London : Hard-
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where this death had occurred, that no one might escape from its bounds,
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of hypertrophy of the brain, by which I mean an increase of the white
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during the prosecution of my investigitions upon this disease, in 1872 Bnd 1873:
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Report on the Hygiene of the United States Army, . . 284
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liniments containing camphor or chloroform have also been used with
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