Legg, Lichtheim, Murri, Kiissner, and others. [Kaynaud's disease (see page
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417. Research in Psychiatry. — By arrangement with the Head of the Division.
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positions of employment persons suffering from various physical handicaps.
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metic to decimals inclnsive ; Euclid, i., ii. ; Algebra to simple equations
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plete loss of appetite and great nausea. Sometimes vomiting comes on only
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tomical course of the nerve. At the height of the attack there is often an
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Professors shall be received without previous enregistration. Enregis-
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come on immediately or a short time after some injury to the head. Especially
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must also be presented, and the candidate must bear the cost. Candi-
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of FoaJ Service Pewnnel (10/4 ftrs); Collection and
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A. Czerny has grouped all these processes under the collective name of
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James Muter Turnbull, M.D. Edin., 86, Bodney'Street,
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Melbourne, — ^The curriculum for the Bachelorship is of five years'
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Books Beeommended, — ^I give beneath the list of works recommended
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316. Elementary Neurology. — A course designed especially for non-medical gradu-
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durfiM trwsiHirtatlon ^ stora^. Experts tise this heat to detsrmira relative teinperature
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may be dominated by the two last-mentioned symptoms need not be further
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stretching (usually the operative stretching of both sciatics) was for some
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The JDodorate of this IJniTersity is a scientific title only, not confer-
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sly and obstinate in carrying out any pet desire. Again, they can be very
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even in such cases, of a previous syphilitic infection. Such individual cases,
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the neck and back, strabismus, nystagmus, and sometimes clonic spasms in
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show no affection toward anyone, are cynically indifferent to the sufferings of
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phal). Where there is a very great increase of the tendon reflexes the tremor
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tendency to hemorrhage even in them, but the hemorrhage never assumes
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Amputations.— YoL n. Injuries and DiseaMs which may ocour in any nait of the Body.