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Many fatal cases of ulceration of the stomach and intestinal canal were referred

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treatment of a general kind. He says — 1 cannot, I think, too often repeat, that

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If the doctrine as to grave-yards be admitted, we should be altogether

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One formula, suggested by Leonard, is thus given in

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changes in the blood, and because no definite cause can

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may be produced by the antidote. To ascertain this, Orfila subjected

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but I am of opinion that you will do well to pass the blade of the knife through

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Lovell, M. D., late Surgeon-General United States Army. [Published

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rects a large number of cases of difficult and painful

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Teissier objects therefore to iodine injections made according to a

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November, 1864, contracted syphilis, wliich was followed by con-

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cent; the uric acid was 3.8 mg. per cent. The blood

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sures should be resorted to in the treatment of such cases. Sound surgery

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23f/. More delirium, and evidently much weaker; pulse very feeble and

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transverse sections, that this description is not accurate, and that

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Thus it appears that, before birth, the medium pulse is about 133; at the

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tofranil sodium sulfite and sodium bisulfite

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tendency to death by asphyxia or exhaustion be averted, death will

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%, serum bilirubin, 1 minute, 5.8, total 10.2 mg. %,

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an opinion, it would be, that the dissolution of the blood, and its imbibition by

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and, of course, we cordially deplore his very careless use

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The haemorrhage from the kidneys observed by Dr. Begbie I

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nervenhugeV^ or nerve heap of Doyere, and regarded by this