not occur in the tissues (blood, hematopoietic organs, etc.)

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The Kidneys in Scarlet Fever and Diphtheria. — O.

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involvement does not forbid operation, since infected glands

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composed of a body, soul and spirit, manifested by three distinct faculties, viz : sensibility,

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crime, punishable by jail and fines. This report will

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Inquiries having been made respecting the application of the new vac-

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requires a constant supply of some one of the aromatic groups of

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In the chapter upon preventions of accidental and industrial diseases,

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an irregular hard spot at the inner side of its right lobe. There

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114, 117, 142, and 1868, Nos. 7 and 12.)— Dumenil. Suc-

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continued congestions preceding active inflammations,

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Tri-State Medical Society of Iowa, Illinois, and Mis-

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Barie, E; Syndrome de Stokes-Adams avec rhythme couple, Arch. d. mal. du

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conditions which do not exist in other regions, and through which is

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in J. T.'s case it could hardly have resulted from suppuration in his

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ance and feel of the structure of the two hips became

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night the cough was bad as ever. Seeing in one of my medical

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influence than usual upon the mental condition of the patient ; inertia

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etal bone. Slight pressure over this painful spot would cause

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The vein trail is similarly infiltrated, as also the contained

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pale yellow, and lastly, after five or six minutes, colourless and

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Each prescription may be considered to be composed of five

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frontal section; the lower half of the diagram (the pons), as a horizontal section throu

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It is not sought here, as is so often done in the consideration of

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healed. The patient made a rapid recovery, and when

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which have not been obtained. But although the desired ob-

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his business interests and go away he would work as long as

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that the two cases on the alkaline treatment were un-

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cially in the western regions it prevails, but to an extent not known.

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sical qualifications of candidates for admission as mid-

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a bow-shaped incision is made over the temporal fossa planned and

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knowledged form of disease — syphilitic diseases of the nervous

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The diagnosis is to be based on the discovery of the ova, and sometimes of

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