worked with Italians and contracted the disease in 1894. The mother first
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rosary. If the pressure was made to persist the air cysts continued
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owing to the rapid diminution of the myxedematous swelling, and an
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Boothby and Peabody. 2 The rubber bag was filled with 1,000 c.c. of
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medicinal treatment. It is hoped that definite criteria may thus be
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therefore pathognomonic of the thalamic syndrome originally described
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TABLE 1. — Effect of Digitalis Preparations Administered to Cats
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lary pulse. Certain authors declare that it is never found in health,
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observed by Hay den and Nixon that aneurysms in this situation
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ator. An incision is made through the skin and subcutaneous fat be-
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nerves. Infections in fulminating form (scarlatina, cerebro-spinal
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platelets act poorly and some of them probably not at all, so that not
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phenomenon, but may be duplicated by any of a series of inorganic
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muscular walls of both ventricles, in unequal degrees in each, are thick