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In a few days the patients seemed to have recovered their normal

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11. Ravenel. Rabies Bul.jg. Dept. of Agr., State of Penn. 1901.

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German veterinarians and agriculturalists agree that the first

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(1846): Anchiilostmna delle Chiajo — Rendicon, 1797: Anchylostamum Moehlau— Buffalo M. .T.,

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No. II. W. Lambert Kiddle, 34, Tavistock Place. — Dark olive-

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Pneumonia, in regard to the nature of this action on the " capillary

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tion of poisons, the influence of pain,, the effect of shock ; what a

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Harris Lithia Water is no experiment — no new discovery courting the imagina-

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ters to believe that they are simply varieties of the organism

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adjacent joint of the toe. A thin flap of integument, including

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plications. Chloroform has always seemed more frequently found with ether than with

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preceding meal and emptying the bowels at the angle of the jaw, or better still, by

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possibly be useful in young subjects of an inflammatory character,

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