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being abstracted. Of the main conclusions the following may be mentioned.

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suggest that the sudden onset of the toxic symptoms is preceded by

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amounting in quantity from three pints to two quarts. This

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employed in well marked cases of croup. To do the operation

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argument against this theory is that urobilin does not occur in

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secondarily the lungs, heart, diaphragm, liver, and kidneys.

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sician I asked whether death had been by cardiac insufficiency,

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rhage from the lungs ; the blood expectorated being of a dark

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de tuberculose meningee. Bull, et mem. Soc. med. d. hop. de Par., 1920, 3 e ser.,

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plastin of the tissues, but Gratia has been unable to substantiate this. He

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strated an encephalitis. They quote a thesis of Chappet in which

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rabbits show that no pepsin is present in the stomachs of the former and no

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ceptive system. This would not interfere with our conception of it as

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bei Kindern. [Blood-sugar researches in children.] Arch. f. Kinderh., 1921,

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The Principles of Forensic Medicine systematically arranged and applied to

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of the bacteriology and pathology of the biliary tract and pancreas. Ann.

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The patient submitted to having a small piece of the right calf muscle

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of two she had whooping cough, otherwise she had been well.

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vertebral sympathetic plexuses and are found as benign encapsuled tumours

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