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in the stomach of a young girl, who succumbed during the third week of

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stirrings of patriotism in their hearts and they have rallied to the

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At the recent meeting of the American Medical Association,

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females, the more frequently are opportunities afforded to the males

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a minute's repose. It would be easy to extend this farther,

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and of anorexy was not in part owing to the seat of the disease ; or, in

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know one patient to remain unconscious for six days,

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because of symptoms which are entirely referable to the

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1. Preventing transmission of Methicillin-resistant

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depends upon the condition of the liver-cells. Therapeutically, the causative

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C5H15N OJ, and, with alkalies, forms (4) cannabine. None

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(Corner of West 7th and Front Capitol Lawn) Phone 374-6491

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with constitutional causes. Regulate feeding and work.

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geons, agreed in recommending emetics as the proper remedy

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grounds alone, that surgical interference, exploration, or manipulation,

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de la in6<litatioii ^vacuante dans ses ett'ets cura-

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94°'4 ; left, 95°"4 ; or one degree in excess of the corresponding

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aborted once, there being a history of severe hjem-

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to fifteen years, the average period being eight years and a half.

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that the moral as well as the immoral are sometimes al-

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will inspire scholars to unite in agitation for its general

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a gallon weighs 135 pounds avoirdupois ; its specific

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finger caught, are temporarily suspended by the fourth

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Now, the latter (//»r//y« ren>ains in the lungs, unless

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relation of the loop to the deeper parts of the mesentery. The

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the disease, he was positive that the malady attacked

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protein solution is positive and the water is negative; when the pro-

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The writer has made a comparative study of the dif-

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this distinction be kept in mind, since it has much

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namely, those of the lips, tongue, oesophagus, anus, vaguia, and jjuteros.

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spells. Many of them were of the tjrpe ordinarily seen

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Association had sustained by the deaths of Dr. J. AV. ]\filler and Dr.