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As the disease progresses anaemia and emaciation become marked so that the

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mass formed at the junction of each two valves. The sinuses of Valsalva

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diagnosis of hysteria, yet it is of interest in passing to note the

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urethritis or trigonitis from poor technique by the nurse or doctor in

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sittings for a period of many months and involves a con-

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Dr. Bennet retired from practice a few years ago and

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From these statistics we can see to what an extent this form may

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class of diffusible stimulants internally, and the application of

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the last menstrual period August 15th, 1894. She was unmarried, a

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place, and under a great variety of treatment. It may take place when no

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emptied into water-closet. Every spilling, as well as every befoiding of

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use assiduously all that precedes, in order to reach

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Were there no other arguments to offer in favor of this opinion

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bacteria gain access and grow throughout the meat as the result of

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even if the act appear determinate, its nature and conse-

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teaching, from a time when the young university pro-

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cured where the remedy has been persevered in. About twenty-five cases have

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another undesirable feature attending its employment.

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rent with contused edges as the one described, which begins at the

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the Philadelphia Polyclinic and School for Graduates in

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from a history of its commencement in a severe attack of

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Jact that immediate operation, or operation within the

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perhaps the expectoration is purulent and thin, containing greenish or greenish-

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Will Rogers said: “If we ever pass out as a great nation we ought to put on our

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so like the appendix in many ways — to be the product of inflammation.

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not be of very rare occurrence in the south ; for I think that I have seen

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