the nervous system is the seat of the essential pathological con-
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One of the most dangerous accidents which the obstetrician is
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personal violence, for which reason he decided to leave
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Strychnine or 2 drops of Fluid Extract of Digitalis about once
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protruding, from the vulva a large, red, oedematous, and
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discussion of this sort it is well to lay bare the real facts at issue.
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Diseases of the Nervous System. By Dr. H. Ludwig Hirt
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years ago with signs of excavation in a region of considerable
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ticable by the connection of the interior of the tube with a rubber bag to inflate the
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being much struck with a remark made by a Professor in one
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-Doctor. After the lapse of three days a consultation was held,
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Dr. Rogers makes the following remarks : — Although in all the cases
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this paper of less degree than 025 D. Although it is
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the cartilages may follow. The ball-and-socket joints are most fre-
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mel, jail physician, the court has discharged about forty
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syphilis. The patient herself had never been well, and when a child she
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remedies. The physician may strive to prevent the formation
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clusions agree in the main with those oi Blot,, describes three types I the
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First, simple discoloration, which is of a darker, more purplish hue
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Toliio. 1891, no. 366, 3-6, 1 pi.— lieredde. fipithelioraas
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moved to the glass, and, when the alcohol is evaporated, it is penciled over
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Corrected Edition. Published by the Central Organization of
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tiien arose the demand that it should be supplimented by a fourth
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that there was with it a secondary cancer of the organ. A little later
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predisposition to this form of disease. It occurs most fre-
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through the abdominal parietes. I believe this to be sometimes