cussion in New Tork a few weeks since, I cannot say ; but the

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tumor so situated as to impinge on the crus cerebri and the third nerve

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It should not be inferred that proper treatment is useless. On the-

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As.s., Chicago, 1898, xxxi, 4. . The persistent thy-

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is, as regards danger to health, no better in the first case than

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rigid examination, especially in the direction of determining the

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received is printed elsewhere in the journal as space permits. Prices quoted are those given by the publishers.


(mercuric chlorid, creasote, etc.) deserve a trial. The fever calls for hydro-

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at the Middlesex Hospital, speaks most positively of its efficacy in reducing

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was the life of the action, was no longer capable of exerting himself."

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to the nape of the neck, and cold effusions cautiously administered. In the

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care, by the author himself, we may. be assured of their literal

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patients in the house when they are doing well, at other times they are

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There should be an official list, in the office of the town clerk,

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cern. Once the FEV, drops below 25% of predicted, hyper-

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neither day nor night. In order to add, if possible, to his miseries,

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in the remaining volumes of the series \Aill be those of the original

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upon the temperate zones, to which they furnish only the

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from this tainted atmosphere. The very section appropriated to the Jews —

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declare they see apparitions that urge them to commit suicide. Dunne

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Eclectic (?) materia medica, new additions to, 927.

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well as laminagraphy, will be carried out. This laboratory is at the east end of

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features of the case, no undue importance being attached to any

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In rare instances the pain may be on the side opposite to the

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laid on the fact the membrane, so called, is not distinct from the tissues