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Schwarz. Wien. med. Woch., 1887, xxxvii, 389, 431, 468.
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that " to the entire neglect of government measures of pre-
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man, affected with a form of chorea in which, in addition to the more
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or 4 the producer of epidemics, and the cholera miasm the miasm of
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adds greatly to the lUHicnlty of feeding the patient.
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little doubt that, until our processes of investigation
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mon ill other towns of the South of Ireland, perhaps because,
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apparently content to quote at second-hand, even when
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Early in November, 1892, a case of mammary enlargement
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was city physician from 1898 to 1900. He is survived
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fraction of the population. But it has three serious defects : (1) it allows too long
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many instances quite as disabling as those of urinary
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I believe its failure was due to the line of h^cture
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flush-tank has again been filled. The drain, of iron or vitrified pipes
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Hebra described, and that the affection is not necessarily of lifelong dura-
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kind are on record ; one or two I may mention as specimens.
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requirements of the Bureau of Professional Education of Pennsylvania.
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for the violent gaseous decomposition seen especially in samples
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stretching, the flexion of the knee is yielding, and
right nostril was blocked by a deviation of the septum. By posterior rhinoscopy
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