small roundish or angular granules, or of larger irregular flakes or masses. It
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1900 Twbbdt, Hbbbebt, L.R.G.P. & S., Golonial Surgeon, 71 Lower Baggot-
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Course, Duration, and Termination. — The course of the disease is so
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venting wound-infection, and nothing should interfere
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upon hip joints for. E. G. Brackett, M.D., and H. W.
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trict. Each director shall report as necessary to the
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toms of gastritis, as belonging to this cause, and ordered him to
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suture the transversalis and internal oblique muscles
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females and 83 in males. It may happen at any age, the
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cities of New York and Philadelphia, would render the proposed eollec*
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hook the finger over the muscle and by slight traction draw it down
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and most unmistakable benefit to> my patients. But, if not resorted to
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the gall bladder showed ulcerated patches. The tissue between the
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lated that the people of the United States spent last year §1,172,-
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3 From the Report of the Bristol North District of the Massachusetts Medical Society.
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incision was followed by the evacuation of pus which seemed
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Surgeon J. M. Gassaway, when relieved, to proceed to Cairo,
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the patient to be about on crutches. Fergusson has had patients up in
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times answer for this purpose. The mild solutions of
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murmur previously recorded disappeared some weeks before
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received from physicians in general, the greatest care
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ines a woman without using antiseptics. He carries .
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there, at least a dozen, who do nothing else but treat venereal disease.
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The author's somewhat abbreviated style is adapted to the
22d. — i[uscular condition unchanged. Tenotomy of the left
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tention was directed to the desiccated thyreoids as pre-
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caused by unsuccessful attempts to empty the bladder ; in
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mucus is no longer returned in the water, a localized
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using the light iwo-horse ambulances for bringing them from the field, and the
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existence of an aneurism, however large, which is dangerous
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There seems no question that serious nervous diseases in persons of pre-