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vhether large or small, from the effects of the passage or impaction of
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febrile subject is not followed by an increase in the nitrogen output, at
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fested only by lassitude, or slight cramp, or slighter indigestions. In others,
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A child should be vaccinated at about three months of age. This
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is of itself distinctly curative, in that it tends to draw out some
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Dosage and Administration: Experimental dosage reported in treatment of
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as a prophylactic measure, as it is probable that pulmo-
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St. Mary's alone excepted — it receives all the sick of an
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ing from this disease, or of substances derived from such a person, is necessary.
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fession ; and it is with this feeling that we write these lines on the use
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in the smallest, unless in some very rare cases, I would
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look back upon a practice of years, and remember many
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and mixing the precipitate, washed but not dried, with eight
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operation were probably due to some hemorrhagic tendency.
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powdered bark of the root, decoction of the fruit) are a popular rem-
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sions for scientific investigations of special interest and
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they entered the fields of controversy, and the same sagacity
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law of the variation of this ratio — why it should be
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complex pattern of responses in lower doses than required to produce periph-
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and Fothergiirs pills relieved him, so that by the end of
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■epidemic at present, and the mortality for the past week is
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in handling it. Some persons after passing through an attack of ty-
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tne riaturaT method of~teaehing medicine the quality is
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up and down, not expansile, the impact is less pronounced,
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and functions of the body ; then the pathological anatomy ;
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haemorrhage from the vessels of the lungs, the blood presenting
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hard ail summer without having had a vacation, and felt over-
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minerals, metals, etc., and the post-mortem revelations of
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large, there is no appreciable diminution of the respiratory function. On
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are antecedents, for when introduced into the bowel or in the circula-
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and the part which heredity plays is matter of dispute. Middle age is the
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and weekly newspapers, including the ' Times.' The author next
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melancholic, or typical (primary senile dementia). To this end the
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that operation is useless. There are cases, however, in which
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