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unless a direct history of exposure be known and suspicion be aroused

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infected person, yet as the acarus possesses considerable vitality it is

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Pathology. — ^The true diphtheritic Inflammation has for its chief patho-

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liver dullness. On percussing in the right mid-axillary line I found a small area of dullness

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two, who had been for several months treated by Mr. CoUes and me for

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symptoms of uremia. At operation a large hydronephrotic sac

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corides and Pliny have manifestly derived their account of

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view is uot so much the bed-side as the lecture benches,

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it downwards and outwards discovered that the acetabidum

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isolate and obtain for purposes of analysis and experimentation the

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who is not; but no man who is not blinded by his own

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the Hting of the owl by Cule>= pipiens L., and the sucking of blood containing

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villous, like hoar frost, is usually spread over the bone in

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F. R. C. S., Assistant Surgeon, Guy's Hospital, etc. With One Hundred


have a richer orange tint than normal urine. Whereas, urochrome

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poted" Wards: Typi< al B. diphtheriae on "masked" hands, 6.3%; on

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our Profession used to promote this great effort to reduce the expense

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of the uterus was deemed advisable and was performed, the

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oeeasion delirium tremens. It may be followed by delirium tremens.

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the interstitial connective tissue; whatever be their situation, infection

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juice from the calf's stomach, and with the most satisfactory results. His mode

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provement in the appetite on the 8th of July. The operation produced no

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termination; but they may not be connected with, nor do they neces-

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referable to three categories: — (1.) Conditions which may intro-

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