absorbtive surface is limited, only a slight rise of temperature is the

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25. Cahn. Spiglottite destructive de cause tubercul., etc.

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by enlarging the one already existing, or making a new one.

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upon the pericardium, and the peritoneum. These tumours

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handles. Each needle after fixing in the handle is ground down

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uses mannite, maltose and saccharose bouillon with litmus as an indicator.

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the discovery of micro-organisms in cholera, or even in any

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Lesions of the brain itself, e.g. abscess, haemorrhage, thrombosis,

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anesthetics and the finer details of their administration and the very

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The poison will multiply rapidly in the bovine ani-

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it more often begins in the posterior mediastinum. No rule can be laid

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larged. London : Churchill, 1854. Royal 12mo. pp. 364.

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least fourteen days before the commencement of the Exami-

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tient thinks that the divergence of L. E. came on after

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2. Tlie enveloping and tlic rubbing of tbe body by means

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shows these vessels to be dilated sometimes to double their normal size.

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hands. These symptoms continued, but the headache ceased, tried to walk,

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became permanently so, assuming an oblong and irregular form. Th^se

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monia, pleurisy, endocarditis, and dropsy of serous

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cial period ; while the third is devoted to an elaborate discussion of the

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pathogenic amebas, usually rests upon su[)posed differences in

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the epidemic area, absolute protection is almost impossible. If the

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by a secondary infection. He then draws a third conclu-

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contour and to one side stood a dynamo and transformer.

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sician is away during the illness or seizure requiring the use of

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•This is an artificial condition, which evidently requires an artifidtl

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stages of syphilis as are marked by great cachexia.

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asylum help, and great responsibility rests upon the superintendent in

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mankind, to prove that the brain is a congeries of organs, and that phre-

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of the fifth nerve pass ; occasionally it is associated with diseases of the