patch of pulmonary disease are always found filled and obstructed either

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are Drs. George A. Ickes, Elmer E. Neff, Frederick H. Bloom-

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disease. Locomotion becomes impossible, or can only be accomplished with

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individuals bitten to each 100,000 of the population.

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second subdivision, save that the purpose of the latter

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at the Woman's Hospital. After remaining there for some time

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The first symptoms of paralysis almost always appear two or

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just above the caecum. It was distinctly felt througli the abdominal walls

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that the eyeballs roll about, showing that the extrinsic ocular

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priKlucc iiaraplcgia. The tortuous course of the reioB wi

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relieved, and the organ was flaccid but sore, and he was ordered

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characters of the epidemic are the following: — 1. A saburral

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"something has happened." Where attacks are repeated at short intervals

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test to show the presence of sugar in the urine. It

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when drawn from the vessels have a tendency to cluster

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out regard to expense under the direction of Dr. J. McFarland, Lecturer on

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physicians and surgeons were present in the old theatre of

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means so freqnent nor so harmless an affection as Dr. Barnes would lead the

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mals by no means produce antitoxins, although repeatedly injected with

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injections, the chill, the crisis, and the marked improvement

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in a depancreatized dog by the introduction of a pancreatic product.

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I say and repeat that of all the practical works published in our

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form of the parasite lays eggs in the alimentary canal of its

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tion, as friction, sprinkhng with water, etc., and some of them attempting to assign rea-

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the diet of the rural population. Much less fresh meat was eaten at

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In the hémiplégie gait the foot is turned in, the heel raised,

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which Syrwpus Dianthi Caryophylli is sometimes added to

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of the relation that schools bear to the right development of

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swore that he had a consideriible practice in treating a

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to a most horrible odor. As much of these tissues as

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the bladder, and after removing the catheter from the bladder

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ing and other remedies, and to my surprise was perfectly well when I