the breast, which gradually enlarged but caused no in-

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medicine, one finds it handled as if no very great change in our

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enlarged in a case of this kind is the epitrochlear. So it is.

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scious I have added little to the aetiology, and nothing to

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disease has come on insidiously. Perhaps by inflam-

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delusion that her eyebrows and eyelashes were diseased

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vic Haematocele. Chapters IV, VII. and VIII. cover 113, 138

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One form of the epiphanin reaction reported by Weichardt 7 '"' seemed to

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the stomach itself. It has been owing to the absence of the signs

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A second point of interest in this new work is the large

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very serious : the blood is not decarbonized, hypostatic congestion oc-

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kidneys remain sensitive. The desire to pass water is frequent, and during

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branes, no smell, instantaneous deodorant, no damage to tissues, a

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terious disease : on the other hand, it may be of slow and gradual onset.

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markable example is that supplied by the cells which form the original linea-

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of the operation of perineoraphy, and his views were very

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tracks, in two with disastrous results. The acts, it is ex-

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more numerous, until, wlien I saw him, his face and

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test was made May 24, 1916. The data of this test are presented in Chart 14.

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year student presented the question before the class.

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of suspicion against the family surroundings and the world in general, dispo-

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"When students hear a really good lecture, well prepared and

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protective inoculation may not, if unwittingly employed on persons who^

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Examination of the Blood. — This demonstrates a complexity in the

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amount (seven ounces) which is required. Glycerine in

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specific character, chiefly confined to the trunk of the sciatic nerve.

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were not pure, but contained quite a variety of bac-

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In other cases the symptoms have a close resemblance to those of enteric