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abolished. Everyone should be encouraged to use sputum boxes when

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pare these antitoxic sera for ordinary use. The same is true of the

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ibe spinal medulla is incompletely developed. In other cases we may

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It would not be wise to even suggest any definite plan as to how

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and the sense of impending death. If the lesions to which the angina is

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enthusiastic, sagacious, accurate, indefatigable, and absolutely to be depended

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cine at Guy's Hospital, London; Author of a Text-Book of General

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being more susceptible than adults, in them nearly all diph-

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one rarely meets -with a case which illustrates this difference. This is


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The ceremonies attending the unveiling of the statue of

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They fret the skin, especially when the edges roll back, and occa-

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of the uterus was deemed advisable and was performed, the

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diminished in quantity, and contained albumin. On the 3rd of October

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scoPic EXAMINATION wiU show the presence of stenosing conditions,

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profits of the Syndicate! Awful! is m Loudon doing post-graduate work.

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between the two end/of the ov^-^so aTtn i»» ' "' '""^•"'"J'

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were performed by fourteen licensees in the course of cancer

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sight of his stomach. This feeling of irritability con-

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etiology. — The causation of the disease is quite unknown, but some virus

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their efficiency will be marked in proportion as the predisposition is

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tive necessity for the only effective agencies, and the

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2. — ^The Manic Depressive Psychosis. — W, D. Berry

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tional cases, the inferior branch of the trifacial nerve and the middle branch

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SO little has been done in the department of Human Anato-

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was more liable than the expectant method to give rise

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void of proof. They are the conceptions of the laboratory as each

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not the case — and all the viscera, both of the thorax and abdomen,

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the working of the intellect, or the amount of it, that

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ciation of medical science and the use of those who dispense it. It

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condition of palate. The tongue condition, on the other hand, was highly

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At a meeting of the Boston Society for Medical Improvement in

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below the normal one. Dr. Washburn in discussion stated that he had seen

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be sinpported by columns of wood or stone. It should be

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used extensively to keep ofi* witches and all sorts of evil

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