of clinical thermometers, thermometric scales, charts,
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prominent. His stools were devoid of bile, and his urine was
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in the lungs was produced by the same bacillus. The or-
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tubing of a fountain syringe to constrict the uterus, and secured it
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physician is obliged to administer the medicines in most cases himself,
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namely, redness, vesication, scab, and dessication.
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While this continued, I directed brandy and water to be given every
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gentlemen say — " The work now submitted to the Profession
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thoroughly established in Hoffmann's case, and a care-
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recognized, and this point has been insisted upon by
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The President — When is the report of the Curriculum Committee to be taken up ?
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average weekly number of births and deaths in Dublin are calcuLited
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in whom the lenses had begun to be opaque, and Bnally a grand-daughter,
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tion and was discharged from the hospital with fistula,
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from temporary duty at Fort Pembina, Dakota, and will re-
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Thus, in Liverpool, the whole of its vast excess of
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far insufficient, and much of the vaccine used is seriously weak. Regular
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University Teaching Hospital, see Mucocutaneous Injuries at a
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vermiformis und der Adnexe," ' when Zweifel of Leip-
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quaintance with disease by seeing as many cases as possible. A third
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holes in the front walk and windows in the back area, for receiving fuel and
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digested, yet from the immediate improvement in well-being and
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foot, but never the great toe. Nearly all the joints
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previously a rare disease in the locality, became prevalent. The
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in warm water, after which the hard corns, those situated on the
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19 South Jackson Street, Montgomery, Alabama 36104.
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tion of blood, in particular spots, which is commonly
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for distant shores; and to his own disappointment and the utter amaze-
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discussing which way the American public will go in health
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ger of purulent otitis was thereby lessened and the hear-
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There is hkewise in this disease an increased coagulability of the blood,
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the drinking ceased and the "cure" was accredited with
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Laryngeal spasm is sometimes produced by irritation as
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further increase in the voltage. This point is designated as the absolute minimum
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muco-bilious pus. I then explored the right body of the gland,
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Porel in Switzerland; Heidenhain, Binswanger and Moll
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