» Journal des Praticiens, Vol. xvll, No. 88, 1908, p. 678.

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ant working conditions. Available immediately or June 1, 1995.

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appendicitis and not operated on, with 96 per cent of recoveries. It is not

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ble, if they press upon some important organ or part. If they do not so

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Alcohol, Suhstitiiie for, in making Anatomical preparations,

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4. For every gram of excess urea in the body there is a rise of con-

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cold water and the application of ammonia, S of young hands, all risk is unnecessary ;

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eighteen localities, and ten typhoid patients from four localities. During this

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injurv by the contained food, and the fluid is chiefly of use in

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of the Section. He was no admirer of miscellaneous micro-

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When nine the wmiiui i- re,i-i n.ibb. ele.iii, .iiui nii' iii.u .ilhiw -unie

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effect of all three is about the same. The salicylate and mercuric thymol

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the:e views. The future history of the patient will be important."

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ized by the Army. Reference to a list of abbreviations at the end of the volume

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intervals one and a half times as long as those of the dominant

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on the Continent as an army surgeon, and had risen to the

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quantities, the significance of the intestine with reference to the elimi-

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valve calcareous, extremely contracted, not admitting the little

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talking jocosely for a few moments, and laughing at her mother's fears,

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Illustrated by one hundred Plates drawn from Nature, by M. Bion.

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and his former effort is surpassed. It is only himself who

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gish, and depressed. The inconveniences which the varices, swelled

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cians and Surgeons in 1867. He then studied abroad in the

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stages destructive of intraglandular architecture, does not involve

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stance, resembling fibro-cartiiage, firmly attached

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the case with regard to the causation of certain chest

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Some of the conditions which I have just mentioned probably act by

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proximity, which may get into the eye, run down either

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Press upon the inferior cervical g-ang-lion, raise the

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