blended as a rule. Especially in the aged, the condition is apt to lead to

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Fosses short half-moon shoe, to compel the fool, however

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D^R. Gatchell has had, in the trenchant columns of the Era, so much prac-

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derangements ; but (here is no fever. In the ensuing spring

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has been so long shown to many of our indigenous medicines.

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bancrofti. (4) of mf. loa ; tails (5) of mf. bancrofti, (0) of mf. loa.

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of these should be eliminated; one of ankylosis in my own

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and its mortality were terrible ; with the general vaccination

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ments on the lower animals by Jourdeuil and Gayer failed. Re-

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no result ; (2) and (4) slight results, and on adding a little

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"Bright's Disease" to every variety and all forms of kidney

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case of patients who are cold and cyanosed, who have copious diar-

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in the colon do not unite so readily as those in the small intestine,

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long, ending in ungues or in simple or dentated claws.

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cumstances a daily inspection should be conducted before, and not after,

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not at hand, and there was no time to run for it. A young woman present disap-

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most cases there is evidence of dilatation of the right side of the heart.

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Chronic glandular tumors are also favorably affected.

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Surgical Association in 1895, states that in 1891 Siegel collected 73

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circulation, whatever its origin, leading to active or pas-

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an ideal one as regards restitution of the normal contour

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1905 1.— Idem. [Abstract of 1905 i] <Rev. vet., Toulouse, v. 62 [n. s.], v. 30

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who could find only two similar cases in the literature. In one of Beyer's

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ostitis might also be a localized periostitis. The medul-

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whole question from a broad point of view, there appeared to be three conditions

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He could climb a cherry tree as quickly and eat as many

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claims were made by proprietors near Loch Katrine for damage

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The inhabitants who used the storm-water, carefully

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circulation in the patient exaggerated the altered distribution of leu-

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Up to this lime he had suffered little or no pain. But on the

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recommended. Convulsions may be controlled by inhalations

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ynx; and at the same time, by some unknown power, completely

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Labrador Hospitals. — Dr. W. T. Grenfell, deep sea mis-

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exudates. With the increase of the pleuritic exudate, respira-

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to find the nature of the influence of the carbohydrate molecule