progress in the north of Scotland. One of these was Dr Robert

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line. On the right anterior side percussion was normal.

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to 6971 persons, out of a population of 504,700, or a death-rate of 13*8

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man, that do not find a place in the * Nomenclature ' of the College

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Strychnia is employed at the Gold Cures as an antidote

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the Army Hospital Corps will thus be 27, and of non-com-

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European countries to hold a meteorological conference

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SCLEROSTOMA Hypostomum (hypo^under, stoma— mouth)

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body of the report, but in a sort of addendum, thrown in with

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Geriatrics Conference, third Friday, 12:00 noon, Jefferson Regional Medical Center

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the Glasgow poor and to an appeal for betterment. Thirty

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stances. In supra-pubic amputation of the uterus he unites the

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new connective-tissue membrane, built up as above described, is very

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To save her from this, the operation described is pre-

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enfants. — 8. Hesse. Ueber das nachtliches Aufshrechen der Kinder im Schlafe. — 9. Solt-

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motions formulated. For the rest of my life, I will not

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wart with a potato, and feed the potato to a pig. These


h\-potonic sodium chloride solutions. The normal values for con-

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used as high as gr. ji at a single injection. Dr. Bartho*

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toxffimia.f 4th. The state of the kidneys. No internal organs are so

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in 1902, with 556,840,222 pounds, valued at $52,375,864.

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have no alternative in the matter. A mere handful in the

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The liability to embolism is to be mentioned. Emboli may be derived

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followed by a tampon of sterilized iodoform or chinosol gauze. (2)

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examined and found to contain mercury. It is probable

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Therefore, the Alienist and Neurologist should be on every table, as it is now

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3. Queries and Minor Notes: Meniere's Syndrome, J.A.M.A.,

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one year, and had been in hospital for a period of four weeks, during

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in the jejunum, in which event immediate enterorrhaphy

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Resection of the Uterus. — Dr. J. Stuart Nairne read


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writers," says Dr. Williamson, in his preface, " have

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cially those involving the tibio-tarsal articulation),

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a tiini-, as, tor cxampk', by iiu'rti(.i(.Mitly appli(.-d dressings (ir bv using un-

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surrounded by a considerable quantity of sero-purulent exudation. The twelfth

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lobe was very much thickened — in some places to the