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the midcla-vacular line. Gall-bladder is not distended. The portion of
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thus absorbed, whilst the grosser portions are thrown off in the form of
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assistant-surgeon to St. Bartholomew's Hospital. He
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men, failed to "come back" after comparatively short periods of
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" That there can be no dysmenorrhoea, properly speaking, if the canal of the
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"agencies" is subjected to influences tending to keep
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Ohio, statistics of, 162; new City of London, 189, 213;
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is to cause either a resorption or a destruction of the
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with excess of sulphuric acid makes sulph-morphia and
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of l'ennsylvani.a. March 14. 1S7M. by W. A. B. Norcom.
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Although some authorities are in favour of local bleeding
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tion being as two to one. As regards the periods of life when it may
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the Pennsylvania Hospital furnishes its surgeons, I de-
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erections were feeble, and ejaculation was premature. The bowels were
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family, Fire Insurance to protect your property, Automobile
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By reason of the speed with which the polypeptids are formed,
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sick they take the responsibility upon themselves of
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523621; July 24, 1894.— Brydeu (J. R.) Sanitary appa-
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is confined to the lower segment, laparotomy is of doubtful
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dias, and have worm-like bodies pointed at one or both ends. The
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The Kidneys in Scarlet Fever and Diphtheria. — O.
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1933. Zulick J. Donald, Abington Memorial Hospital, Abington, Pa.
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mother warm and feed easily digested food for a few days; then
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expression of a secondary salutary process. The pri-
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Medical Officers of Health, viz., notification, medical inspection, dis-
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the nerves by the passage of the musket ball, than to the
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and Dr. Ilitz and I decided that more antitoxin must be used. Dur-
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Examiner in Physiology, Calcutta and Punjab University.
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others, who were more obstinate and prejudiced, held to their own way and did
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are due to this cause. Some of the patients die who
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takes occasion to give an elaborate history and description of