malignancy in the region of the pylorus, and was a fit subject for

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country with her husband. She had never previously had malarial

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the upper portion of the patient from the shoulders to the level of

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and plus-minus cannot be correctly given without considering the

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in seventy-one cases, ten times for complete laceration. Anterior colpor-

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traumatism itself, we can safely conclude that if no steadily increasing

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is opposed to Compulsory Health Insurance, and we find in the

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In all marked cases pain in the hips, thighs, head, and back, especially in

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gratulation that conservative surgery offered provident methods of

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the oxidation of camphor with sulphuric acid — against the night-sweats of

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bination of rest, change, and tonic influence which such cases demand.

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ten-grain doses twice daily for four years. The pulse at both wrists was

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knot in the orifice of the wound ; in fact, he prefers it.

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Brain : In the falx cerebri, about one and one-half inch from the

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Associate Judge of the Court of Appeals of the State of New

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between the ages of 16 and 30. Between the ages of 31 and 40,

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found, as in the previous case — i. e., a " diabetic otitis," in which the entire

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portance, and the obscurity which attends their diagnosis makes each

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on the addition of serum. The fibrinogen which they contain has, there-

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noises in affected ear and tuning fork tests showed deafness to

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and did an interposition operation. She wanted to know what her chances

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of the State Board of Health and the order of the said Board re-

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To take up the undernourished proper, in 19 cases out of 20,

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be the only guide and the only restraint in his dealings with the

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situation as his suggestions for an average fee bill have been

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suffered from prolonged loss of consciousness, followed by persistent aphasia,

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year or so Lieut. Philip may find something which will simplify it even

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majority of neurologists, and that it is of great importance to determine ex-

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Leprosy, relapsing fever, yaws (a tropical disease), and scarle-

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Georgia operator, whose example was lost to science in the fact that he

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xxxi., 1889) reports two cases of small haematomata of the vagina occurring

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found in the spleen, extending from the hilum to the periphery; also a crack

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position, " certain to cure his complaint," and to have his entire body

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The urine was examined, with negative results. Convalescence was

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stress on the amount of urea as a diagnostic sign of chronic kidney