Middlesex Hospital, and if you decide to operate be so good
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ide.il funditioii-, I'.ir In tlil- rmu- the wound h.i- he.iled.
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cians and Surgeons in 1867. He then studied abroad in the
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Treatment. — As scarlatina is a self-limited disease, and as we possess
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make a thick batter, finally, stir in 1 pint of blackberries
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In these cases, the ligaments may be extended by the same means which 1 have
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rapidly when the drinking-water is supplied from the surface drainage,
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mends flying blisters and superficial cauterizations with the hot iron. If
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invaded ; I have known it to travel over the whole surface of the body.
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very large. One Avas in a female child, aged only 5
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atheromatous, nor was there a general arterial sclero-
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the reaction may be altering during the operation. The measurements
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or entirely suspended, as well as the expectoration; or when the
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more energetic populations of the world ; it accompanies public and private enter-
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of these cases I followed the advice of Maydl to the letter. The
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not be explained except by the presence of some prior defect in
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infections. Tr. Coll. Phys., Philadelphia 6: 329-337,
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Dr. Bain', Poplar, related several instructive instances of
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American physique as not quite what it should be that it is refreshing to
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payment of all the said amounts make such provision as
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* This investigation undertaken at the request of the Division of Medicine and Related
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consists chiefly in its less nauseating properties, its
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epidemic affection, presenting a membranous deposit in
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since coming here that the food doesn't go through the Foramen Magnum. He is
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the air within that room to have higher relative humidity than the air
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In endeavouring to produce a radical cure in cases of hernia,
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if it be small, smooth, and rounded, it will either move up and
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of the profession, and especially that large class which,