skeleton, and showing the situation of the internal organs,
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509. — Plowriglit (C. B.) Some remarks upon ergot.
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entirely disappeared after three weeks local application of iodine.
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recently saw a man with a very superficial ulcer on his soft palate, creeping
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ternal layer, but leaving the main body of the stone unmoved. I now took
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sects had satisfied their appetite. The mos(|uitos were then set free
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while at frequent intervals control studies of the non-
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indented against the arch of the lower teeth. It is sometimes reduced in
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reader, I venture to hope, will there find, at mischiefs induced, as described with great
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Heart and kidneys apparently normal, but the liver, aud
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after deep phlebitis, and where, on account of obliteration of the
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Extraction JVucis Vomicce. Extract. — gr. |-j, in pill, t. d.
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would engage in the wrist and finger movements. The
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good many years ago Dr. Marion Sims showed his keen
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paint the sides evenly. If this be attempted while the pipette is in a
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had occasion to show in a paper published last year
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cal review of the subject of chemical afiinity and the quantita-
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reflexa is left uncut, is that recommended by Percivall and others.
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or secreted, as we call it, on the skin, under lar circumstances. But then it is urged,
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close to the latter and tying the vessels divided, the cyst was gradually
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*4^* By reference to the *' Prospectus of Journal" on page 3, it will be seen that this work it
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tenderness elsewhere either in pelvis or over abdomen.
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distinction to the quartan and tertian infections, which are usually
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little warm water ; be careful to knead it well and for a long
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Damiania. — This drug is not used so frequently in this country as it
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' Vide Pieal-Eucyklopadie, Wion und Leipzig, 1880, art. Athetose.
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AR 72215. We will be happy to include any information concerning your meetings.
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we do not syringe and swab and medicate the mouth, pharynx, nor
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slipped round the border of the acetabulum and entered the
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the other constituents of the bile) passes into the blood, scarcely
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