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paralysis is a narrowing of the glottis, because the constrictors over-
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intervals the pain passing away entirely. The former is more apt to be
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practice in London as an oculist, " balancing," as he says in his
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involving 150 determinations by one of the newer meth-
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pital. Office space available in modern clinic with
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lation varied considerably, even for the same species — namely, from 75 to 495
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1 heater on the ground floor to the right of the exhibition
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dangers of over-transfusion are greater in pernicious anaemia
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phenelzine (nardil) and tyramine
The program is too new and too few residents have had
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ture rises very high, this favours the laying of their eggs,
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calne, theophylline and metronidazole. Clinically sig-
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gencies. In the typhoid state of a patient who is accustomed to
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temperature there, instead of over the probable site of the
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circular, congested elevations of the cutis, attended with itching, and
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condition, also in inflammatory conditions, environment. The features presented in
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the results are as follows: — Bakers, 1 in 3J2 ; car\-ers and
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affected with a similar soft of cachexy, and had all the same affection
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of hearing, which is necessary for hearing the huraan voice
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ing this, and preferably, therefore, confining him to the house or even to
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Dr. R. E. Callan, Milwaukee, speaker; and Dr. W. J. Egan,
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chir. Klin, in Greifswald 1882-3, Wien u. Leipz., 1884, 162-
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vulvitis, but no vaginal discharge. After an observation of
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habitat for the fungus, so that when the patient be-
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The Personality op the Doctor, - - Dr. H. H. Powell
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suits. Men are more liable to the disease than women, and for the
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which were used with the leaden bullet are unsuitable, on account
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the daily calls of nature to empty the sound rectum, con-
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This attentive acute observer, sought Nature in Nature. He